Welcome to the IATSE Local 720 Employer Page

Access to some of the information on this website is restricted and will require you to be signed in to access it. Authorization request must come from the designated employer representative.

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Main Office:
Hours:  Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Voice:  702-873-3450
Fax:     702-873-1329

Hours:  Daily 7am-10pm
Voice:  702-873-8741
Fax:     702-873-9674

Business Rep's Office:
Voice:  702-309-8052

--Enrico Grippo
Cell:   702-210-8833

--Phil Jaynes

--Cliff Paschall


--Fernando  Rivera

Greg Barrera


Welcome to the IATSE Local 720 Employers Website

If you are looking for the IATSE Local 720 website it can be found at http://IATSELocal720.com.

If you are currently an employer and have been given your Username and Password you must log in to access the employer information.

If you are an employer but have not been given your Username and Password you must contact the Union office at 702-873-3450, 8am-4pm, Monday thru Friday.

Employer representatives must be approved by the designated contact for the employer.

We have developed this website to provide a way for the Union to provide information that we hope will be helpful to you, the employer.

Access to the Automated Dispatch System (ADS) is provided as a service to our employers and employer representatives. Anyone suspected of using this information in an inappropriate way will have their access restricted. If the information provided is wrong you should contact the Union Dispatch Office to have it corrected.

The information on the dispatch system page is from the ADS server at Local 720 and may take a few seconds to come up. Once the ADS page is up you should see your name in top right. On the top left you will see to options, Requests Not Filled and Current Requests. The default view is Requests Not Filled and will display all request in the system that have not been filled. You can select the Request No. to view details about the request or select the skill designator to the right to view the details for a specific skill for the same request number. The Current Requests will show the same information as the Requests Not Filled but will include request that have been filled.

Report issues with the website to the Webmaster and issues with a dispatch request to the Local 720 Dispatch office.